Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hey all, if you're still interested:



Saturday, May 22, 2010

my mind, like lancing monkiesss

Standing on crossroads is frustrating. It throws you into self-doubt...and i'm in no mood for such drama.
There are decisions to make and i'm not sure if i'd regret it.  I'd like to believe that i'm holding up just fine because life has never been this good thus far. I'm taking a month to think... STill not sure if we're jetting to Holland on the 3rd, we'll go with wherever the wind blows (literally) away from the ash clouds, that is. It's going to be a Big Party babey....and i wana be there dancing amongst the dutch giants (:  

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm not a likeable person

With that said, i don't know why anyone should like me. I grow spikes and i wear skepticism on my sleeves.

Don't get me wrong, i'm still positively attracted to guys but i just can't imagine myself seeming desirable to them at all.

Like how Jiayi Dearest always puts it, i'm too anal to be likeable. If someone is to like me or even come close to the vicinity of trying, i think he's inviting unnecessary heartache. His heart has to be SO big and accepting, that even if it was me, i don't think i can handle.

I'm not a horrible person, i'm not evil nor ill-mannered, i don't have notorious habits... in fact i can be so acutely boring a person....

by the way, this is my skepticism talking again ):


kicking the pessimism aside, from now on i will seriously keep my heart and mind open.

i think all these years, my past regrets, resentment and reminiscence has always been directed at one. And with that one person it made me believe that a lot of things, not just in relationships, there'll never be 2nd chances because things will never be the same again, and also because it is just simply not possible to go back to where it was. i suppose in my coming to terms with such a truth, i've been unfair to some.

My point is, a story can never be re-written, unless it is incomplete.

Like i said, i'm keeping my heart and mind open.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Remember the "big event" i was raving about? Well, it happened albeit the fact that it wasn't as fantastic after all. At least MR HU (our subject) laughed so bloody darn hard i think we made up for the 2 birthdays we owed him.

Turned out hialrious (as expected), esp the video part.... (ah leow & posi cheorographed a sickening dance sequence from Jolin Tsai's Mr Q JUST FOR JIATAO) the rest was uh, a bit off cus of unforseen my last min hold-up at work so we didn't get to cook for him. We ate at CHILI'S instead, need me reiterate its awesomeness again? you should really really really try it for yourself.

the big preparation.. step one: Shopping for the props
Step two: Pose with the purchase
 Step three: make it seem like you're enjoying the process
 We were CRANKY
 but we managed to pull ourselves together for BUSINESS:
The Scheming WIVES

 On the actual day:
@ TCC Terminal 3

 Photos taken in Chili's not available cus MR HU PROMISED to send them to me but NEVER.

March is TRULY the biggest birthday bomb month. My apologies to Ms ONG YY for not throwing in much effort this year (but that doesn't mean i don't love you already). So here's a big one for you, on my blog......


(i'll never forget your's cus it falls on the same day as .........)

and then there's Peter's - screwed-up surprise. Not a big one but we sat through the night at the airport though Qiqi looked SO TIRED and drained...almost too soon to be worn-out for his age. haha. The bottom line is WE ALL ENJOYED ourselves.

That's that for all the March-babies.

Yesterday was GOURMET SATURDAY. Fe and I was in one of our rare cooking mode so we decided to cookup something nice and healthy for dinner. Mom and Dad were in KL so we have the weekend to ourselves....with NO FOOD.

Random Musing:
I have a vision: Within the next 2 years, i'm gonna be able to walk into Mulberry/Balenciaga/Chanel/MarcJacobs/MiuMiu/Prada/Fendi/Dior/Bottega Veneta/Bally/Gucci/Ferragamo/HERMES. etc, and actually afford them. If i stick to what i believe and plough through all the adversities i'm gonna face... it's not too farfetched. It's not a dream, it's a VISION because it will happen (:

Saying it will conviction - YES!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

So Exciting!!!!!!

We're in the midst of preparing for a BIG Event. Hiak hiak hiak.... cannot say now. I can only say it's gonna be rated the most hilarious and most-effort invested-in "EVENT OF THE YEAR" (in my opinion lah, unless Jam xiao suddenly propose to me for some reason). LOL.

This entire week has been crazy. Crazy over FOOD. It must be Peacy....well, it has to be cus how can we turn her recommendations down when she's relentlessly sourcing for new and awesome places to dine at. This is like her new-found mission in office. I don't know to thank her or not cus everytime i look at my depleting account balance i feel like i should start dieting. By that i mean a spending-diet. HAHAHAHAA. But to be fair, we're benefiting from it because this week, we treated ourselves to a HEARTY FEAST at....

Drum-roll please...........................................................

Are you HUNGRY or ARE YOU HUNGRY already??

 pardon my bb for the dull photos.

Late afternoon musing:

Anyways, i'm feeling very neutral these days about being attached or whatever. I've been telling myself that for 7 years..... LOL. Since i'm drifting in and out of this getting-used-to attitude, i might as well continue....(BEEP BEEP: Soreness detected).

But honestly, Liking someone is SO TIRING and in the process i somehow become not myself sometimes, if you know what i mean. Hate it when that happens because i know i am trying too hard to make myself likeable...but the entire act is itself, unlikeable already.

I, am like the cream of my own pie (which is like my life). The guy for me, is the cherry on top of the cream, which is on top of the pie. See, the pie is all good by itself...with the cream. really.

It's okay, Not everyone can understand the complexity of that statement. calendar has the wisest things to tell me everyday (: such a gem.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Don't give up on me just yet... I'm not gone for eternity, though i think the tire from an 8.30 to 5.30 routine is slowly consuming me. I've got a thousand and one excuses i don't know which better to use except that (:

Coming back from my very long interval of silence, there's actually alot to 'report' on..... my life has been quite eventful so far, but i kinda forgot what i did. For one, i SHOPPED ALOT.

Working is really fun, though you can expect a lot of PMS-ing from an office full of women, which is a huge contradiction to the kinda industry we're in. LOL. I love to go to work, btw.

K, maybe i should work backwards on updating you:

  • Caught 'Alice in Wonderland' with Peacy Lim last night. Let's just say, we all need a dose of nostalgia sometimes. I realised, besides the rabbit and Alice, i can't actually remember what the story was all about until i watched it yesterday. But i was far too fascinated  by the fact that i so resemble the RED QUEEN (character wise), annoyinging anal and aloof. that's a lot of bad 'As' in there. hahaha. that's just that, i don't like tadpoles on my toast and i don't have an effing-huge head.

  • Watched Jam Xiao's concert last Saturday. i can only say if he's not born to sing, i really don't know what he is born for. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I can't remember myself screaming so madly at anyone's concert besides my beloved Tao Ze's. I, i PROMISE he totally literally scooped my heart out a thousand times over within that 3 hours of performance. Please believe me when i say he's good, i hardly have bad taste in music.
I'd just like to say, a person's hair is like the essence of his appearance. but i'd also like to add, if he has a voice like that...screw the hair (:

  • I am smelling like.... 


  • I'm feeling like....
...if you ever watched Valentine's Day. You'll probably feel the same. :x

  • I'm currently watching....


Madness: A daily affair @ work

...stay tuned

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Finally, a good dream about the right person.


wait, why should i be happy when it's just a fictitious encounter? It's all fake.

I can't help but wonder where is this all going? There can only be 2 possibilities.. I've got a feeling that it's not good.

It's so hard for me to like anybody. It's even harder to make anyone like me. And i don't want to make anyone like me.

I hate this feeling.

Wild words of the day:
"Cosmetics is a boon to every woman, but a girl's best friend is still a nearsighted man."